Massage Experience

All of our massage therapists are licensed and well trained to work within various massage modalities. Your session will start with a consultation, allowing you and your therapist to discuss any concerns and goals for the session. Your therapist will step out so that you may undress to your comfort level and get comfy on the table (with a drape over you). Your massage time begins once the therapist returns and open communication is encouraged if there is anything that should be adjusted along the way (temperature, pressure, etc) to make the session more enjoyable. At the end of the massage the therapist will step out so that you may get dressed and will wait for you to meet them in the hallway with water (or tea, if preferred).

To obtain the best results from the massage, it is important to not only stay hydrated with water to help flush out the toxins but also allow yourself time to rest. Massage, even though it may be pleasurable, it is still a therapy and the body will need time afterwards to adjust. Sometimes, especially after the deeper massages, you might feel some soreness the next day or two (similar to what you'd feel after a good workout). Your therapist will have recommendations after the session that will best suit your situation (whether it be to use ice, heat, stretch, etc) which will help prevent that soreness, but will also gladly answer any questions you may have.

Everybody is a little different, but to obtain the best results it is important to consider regular sessions. Some people elect to come every week, whereas some visit every month-or-so to help ward of the various pressures of the body. Stress (whether it be physical, mental, or emotional) wreaks havoc on the body and the sooner you can catch it in its tracks the better you will feel on all levels.

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