Minimally Invasive Rejuvenation

Have you noticed that you’ve developed fine lines and your skin is lacking that fresh glow?  Well, we have the answer to refreshed and renewed skin for your new year!

Halina Skin + Wellness + Med Spa introduces the SkinPen by Bellus Medical.  SkinPen is the only FDA approved minimally invasive microneedling device and is used to achieve skin rejuvenation on any area of the body at our spa with very minimal downtime.  

  1. How does SkinPen work?  SkinPen causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing response while minimizing cellular damage. The result is effective remodeling of capillaries, collagen, and elastin for smoother, plumper skin!
  2. Who is a candidate for a SkinPen treatment?  Almost any adult is a good candidate for this procedure. While many other treatments are not recommended for people with certain skin types, microneedling is safe and effective for all skin colors and types because it does not damage the epidermis.
  3. How many SkinPen treatments are recommended?  We recommend a minimum of three treatments, one month apart for maximum results.
  4. Does the SkinPen procedure hurt?  When you arrive for your appointment, your technician will cleanse your skin and then apply a topical numbing cream, to ensure you have minimal discomfort during your SkinPen treatment.
  5. Will I have downtime after my SkinPen treatment?  You will have very minimal downtime after your SkinPen treatment, but we always advise to give yourself one week for complete healing.
  6. How long will my SkinPen treatment take?  Although the actual SkinPen treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, you will need to numb prior to the treatment so it is best to expect an hour for the entire process.
  7. Are there any requirements for me before I come in for my SkinPen treatment?  We offer a complimentary consultation with our Med Spa Manager to determine if you’re a good candidate for SkinPen and discuss the treatment process, once you have decided to move forward with the SkinPen treatment, we will have you fill out the appropriate paperwork and schedule you to have a telemedicine visit with Halina’s physician, once Dr. Ramirez reviews your medical history and determines whether you are a candidate for SkinPen, he will write a one-year prescription for all medically supervised treatments and your SkinPen treatment will be scheduled.  There is a $25.00 co-pay for your doctor visit, which is required annually for all medical treatments.

To learn more about the SkinPen procedure, call and book your complimentary consultation today at (512)452-3500.

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