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A facial treatment at Halina European Spa + Salon is a world-class experience like no other in Central Texas. Halina was founded in 1970, at a time when holistic and science-based skin care — the European approach — was unheard of in Central Texas. For over five decades, Halina developed a skin care philosophy based on scientifically proven and personalized methods that are still the core of our facial practice today.


Pick Me Up Hydrafacial®

30 minutes

A great intro to MedSpa services, this treatment uses HydraFacial technology alone to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and nourish your skin, all in just 30 minutes!


Pick Me Up Hydrafacial – $149



HydraFacial® uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin like never before. A gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing, HydraFacial® will remove debris from your pores with painless suction. Your skin will be nourished with intense moisturizers and saturated with antioxidants and peptides, all to maximize your glow. You won’t believe the results! No downtime!

HydraFacial® Enhancers

15% GlySal™ – $10

DermaBuilder™ – $30

Britenol® – $30

CTGF Growth Factor – $40

Lymphatic Drainage – $30

Neck – $35

Neck and Décolleté – $50

LED Therapy – $30

Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion – $40


Signature Hydrafacial®

55 minutes

This 55-minute combo treatment incorporates a custom masque treatment and hand massage with the four essential HydraFacial steps, so you can get great results and the relaxation you need all in one visit.


Signature Hydrafacial – $170

Deluxe Hydrafacial®

75 minutes

The best of both worlds, 75-minute minute treatment includes custom masques, stimulating facial massage, hand and feet massage for relaxation and a custom LED light treatment.


Deluxe Hydrafacial – $190



Halina is now using Circadia skin care for our chemical peels and afterpeel home care. This medical-grade line of peels and treatments deliver the most effective and dramatic results from daily use and professional treatments.

MandeliClear Peel

Lightens pigmentation due to acne, melasma or sun damage; Clients can expect moderate peeling or flaking.

Lactic Acid Peel 

A perfect anti-aging peel treatment for most skin types; Clients can expect very mild peeling or flaking.

Oxygen Treatment With Enzyme Masque 

Brighten up any ruddy-looking skin type with this luxurious peel alternative.


MandeliClear Peel – $150/Extra layers $25 per layer, maximum 3

Lactic Acid Peel – $100/$45 with any facial

Oxygen Treatment with Enzyme Masque – $135



Cryogenically cooled air activates collagen production deep in the skin to increase your skin’s  capability to rejuvenate itself, regain elasticity, appear smoother, and bring forth a youthful glow.


Cryofacial BURNET ROAD ONLY – $120


Dermaplaning is an efficient exfoliating treatment in which your aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells from your skin. It also removes the peach fuzz on your face. If you are worried about dull complexion and breakouts due to clogged pores, but you have sensitive skin and have reactions to peels and other exfoliation treatments then dermaplanig is what you need!


Dermaplaning treatment – $89

Add-on to any Facial – $59


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable fillers (injectable cosmetic filler, injectable facial filler) that are a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance.

Brands we carry

Revanesse VersaA hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is found within the body. 


$550.00 per 1 ml. syringe

Belotero is a dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid. It is safe and effective at adding volume and smoothing out the skin’s surface. Once injected, Belotero instantly binds with the water within your dermis and helps fill in creases, lines, and wrinkles.


$500.00 per 1 ml. syringe

Radiesse by Merz is a wrinkle filler used to plump the skin. Immediately, this filler works to add volume under the skin and over time, the benefits of Radiesse continue by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen. Great for mid-face, nasolabial folds, chin, jowls, marionette lines and oral commissures.


$650.00 per 1.5 ml. syringe




Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin that are used to treat wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.

Brand we carry – Xeomin by Merz


$12 per unit




Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment in which a medical aesthetician creates tiny punctures in the skin using micro-fine needles (from 0.5 to 2 millimeters in diameter). This triggers the body’s wound healing process, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Additionally, once punctures are made, products applied topically (such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) are able to penetrate deeper into the skin in order to work more effectively.  Treats fine lines, scars – not Keloids, acne scars, stretch marks, laxity, skin texture, pore size, pigment, and help reform collagen.

Brand we carry

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is the only microneedling device in the world cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22 and up.

With as few as three non-invasive and affordable treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance for six months after your last treatment – and step out with confidence.  Treatments are spaced one month apart.


$350.00 per treatment

$850.00 for package of 3*

$1,680.00 for package of 6*

*Must be prepaid at initial treatment for package savings.


Microneedling with PRP “Liquid Gold Facial”

The actual procedure involves two steps. The microneedling portion lasts about 30 minutesDuring this time your provider will apply the FDA-approved SkinPen to your face and move it in sweeping or circular motions.

A syringe of blood will be drawn, usually from your arm, while your face is numbing. The blood is then put into a centrifuge, which separates the PRP from the blood. The PRP solution is then massaged into the treatment area, either during or after microneedling. The microneedling treatment opens channels into your skin, allowing for good penetration of the PRP.


$600.00 per treatment

$1,600.00 for package of 3*

*Must be prepaid at initial treatment for package savings.


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