Who can resist a good massage? This millennial practice is associated with health and well-being. There are several different massage techniques, each associated with a different objective, such as muscle tension, pain, back problems, body shaping, water retention, pregnancy, and stress. It might be hard to know what modality of massage you need. Do you want to learn more about what massage is the perfect one for you? Just keep reading!



Light to Medium Pressure

Swedish massage is an excellent way to help break the vicious cycle of tension in your body. It has many positive effects on the body, such as aiding in the release of chronic muscular tension and pain, and it also improves circulation. This is a great therapeutic session for those everyday aches and pains that plague us all.



Firm to Very Firm Pressure

Deep tissue massage helps muscle soreness, tired joints, and encourages a better range of motion. This is the ideal form of massage therapy for anyone suffering due to overexertion, intensive exercise, recovering from injuries, or prefers a very deep pressure.




Experts have found that touch is very therapeutic from not only the moment we are born but also in the stages leading up to it. Pregnancy massage will reduce stiffness and muscle tightness, as well as improve circulation and help the body improve its posture to provide relief from various stresses, including headaches, body aches, and muscle spasms. Skilled therapists will help you find the best positioning during the different stages of pregnancy to make the massage safe and enjoyable.




Light to medium pressure

Escape to a state of pure relaxation. Warm stones are combined with traditional Swedish massage to dissolve muscle tension and encourage deep relaxation. Not only is it great for achy muscles, busy minds, and arthritis, but it’s also an excellent option if you need a deeper massage but are too sensitive to traditional firm pressure methods.




Light to very firm pressure

Choice of specialized massage modalities to better focus on one’s health needs.  Options available:  Craniosacral Therapy, Lympathic, Thai, Shiatus, Sports, Myofasical Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Neuromusclar Therapy.


Massage is an excellent way to promote good health and enhance the body’s ability to restore itself, leaving you relaxed and revitalized. All of our massage therapists are licensed and well trained to work within various massage modalities. At Halina, we have some of the best massage therapists in Austin. Our team has skilled and excellent technicians to ensure you with the best results. All our massage therapists are capable of all modalities, but they each have some aspects and approaches in which they excel.

After studying massage, yoga, meditation and spiritual healing from many traditions, Paula discovered the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy. Paula has over 20 years of experience with craniosacral/myofascial massage, helping people find relief from headaches and migraines as well as anxiety, depression, and healing the after-effects of injuries, illnesses, and other forms of stress. She has practiced and taught this while living on the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia for 14 years until finally returning home to Austin.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Craniosacral, Myofascial. 

Originally from a farm in Nebraska, Annie moved to Boston to continue her studies in physics but found massage instead. She started a practice that specialized in pain management and rehabilitation, but eventually traded in the long winters for long summers and moved to Austin. Annie joined Halina’s in 2007 and utilizes the many modalities Annie’s skilled in, hoping to be a positive catalyst for others’ health and healing process. She firmly believes in giving back to the community and has volunteered at various athletic events and rehab organizations, as well as an active member with Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Lymphatic Massage, Craniosacral, Myofascial, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy

Olga is skilled quite well in almost all types of massage. Her approach is a combination of different techniques accordingly the given body conditions and suitability. She always takes into consideration the client’s present mood and expectations, to ensure the best results. Olga highly recommends frequent massages for those who face stressful and tense situations on a daily basis.  Olga moved from Moscow, Russia in 1998 directly to Austin and started to work at Halina in 2000 as a Massage Therapist and now offers microblading and permanent make up services too.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Craniosacral, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Sports Massage

Miriam’s expertise is deep tissue massage. If you feel frustrated because you cannot find a massage therapist to deal with your issues, come to Halina and ask Miriam, formerly known as the Argentinian lady! She is loved by all her clients and is fantastic at achieving the results that they expect. She mentions that deep tissue massages go beyond relaxation and helps ease muscle and tissue pain.  Miriam came to United State 25 years ago from Argentina, became a massage therapist ten years ago, and joined Halina’s in 2011.  Since then it has been a great pleasure to help her clients feel better not only physically but also the whole being.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments

An interest that has become her life path is how Delta describes her transition to becoming a massage therapist. Learning about different modalities and techniques in the field of bodywork has helped her enjoy being a professional therapist for the past 28 years. Delta strongly recommends aromatherapy accompanied by her massages.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments

Brad has been in the spa industry for 14 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Brad does have a favorite service, the organic body glow, but really enjoys doing all of them.   The organic body glow combines the body scrub to make your skin feel luxurious, with the Hot stone massage and body wrap to totally relax your muscles. Brad has studied hot stone massages, and highly recommends them as the heat from the stones penetrates deeper into the muscle tissue, giving an extra layer of relief. He also incorporates beneficial stretches into every massage, making his session truly personalized and therapeutic.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Sports Massage

Having been an athlete for years, Niki has a true passion for the body and holistic health, which she sincerely believes massage plays an integral role. During her sessions, Niki incorporates different techniques and styles for a more therapeutic approach. Sessions will usually differ to try and tend to the body as it changes throughout time from different psychological and physical ailments displayed. She is also versed in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Therapeutic, Cranial Sacral and Myofascial massage techniques.  Niki has a been a cosmetologist since 2009 and one of Halina’s beloved Nail Technicians since 2011.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral, Myofascial, Sports Massage

Jesus is an expert in deep clinical massage, and his signature technique is the full shoulder release. Jesus uses Trigger Point Therapy and his knowledge in Sports Massage to achieve his client’s goals. He states that being a massage therapist requires extensive work, both in theory as well knowing how to apply the different techniques. Jesus believes that being a good massage therapist is not only about technique, but also knowing and caring about client’s needs. He shows his love for massage therapy by taking great care of his customers, always working with professionalism, respect, and attention.
Swedish/Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Spa Body Treatments, Trigger Point, Sports Massage
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