HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information

HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information

HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information


LASHES + BROWS is a cosmetic treatment designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. This service includes tinting, lifting and laminating. Tinting involves dyeing the lashes and brows to give them a darker, fuller look while lifting curls and lifting the lashes for a more prominent appearance. Laminating helps to shape and set the brows, making them look fuller and more defined. These treatments can be applied to both eyelashes and eyebrows, improving their overall look and symmetry.
LASHES + BROWS is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their natural features without daily makeup application. The results of these treatments can be seen immediately after the session, with the effects typically lasting several weeks to months, depending on the specific treatment. There is minimal to no downtime required, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. For the best results, it is recommended to follow pre- and post-treatment care instructions provided by the specialist. Book an appointment at Halina Spa + Medical Rejuvenation in Austin, TX, to experience the benefits of LASHES + BROWS today.

$35.00 – Brow Tint

$35.00 – Lash Tint

$60.00 – Lash + Brow Tint

$85.00 – Lash + Brow Tint + Brow Wax

$95.00 – Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent, low-maintenance eyelash extension procedure. It curls and lifts your natural lashes, is a great alternative to extensions and can give your lashes a natural-looking, curled appearance without the need for daily upkeep.

$115.00 – Lash Lift + Lash Tint

A Lash Lift + Lash Tint is a beauty treatment that adds definition, volume, and curl to your natural eyelashes. It is designed to give you the appearance of wearing mascara without applying it every day. The treatment involves lifting your lashes and tinting them to create a more dramatic and fuller look.

$80 – Brow Lamination

$95 – Brow Lamination & Wax

$100 – Brow Lamination & Tint


HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information

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