HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information

HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information

HALINA- Round Rock closing April 1, 2023. Click here for more information


Skincare at Halina Spa in Round Rock & Austin, TX

By now, everyone knows that sunscreen should be your number 1 go to skin care product. And probably, your moisturizer or even your makeup will have some sort of SPF protection from the sun included.

But What If You Forget?

Or what if your face is beautifully protected, but your shoulders or the rest of your body didn’t get the same forethought? If you have suffered the consequences of the sun’s powerful UVA and UVB rays, then you are in luck. Here is a list of 5 tips to follow that help repair sun damaged skin after too much exposure.

1. Hydrate

You’ve heard it before. Our bodies are made of up to 60% water. And severe sun damage can cause dehydration, so drink up! If you need a little flavor, add cucumber and mint to keep you cool while you hydrate.

2. Take A Cool Bath

It is important to cool the skin down. Taking a bath can cool down the skin gently, as opposed to a shower, which may be too painful. Also skip the soap, which will dry skin out even more. Instead, dissolve a few scoops of baking soda in your bath. It is cooling, and helps your skin retain moisture.

3. Moisturize

Apply a moisturizer that will repair, sooth and reduce redness due to dryness. Those infused with rosehip oil, sunflower oil and repairing balms help to replenish moisture and protects the skin from the drying effects of element exposure.

4. Avoid Pure Essential Oils And Petroleum

Even though we love them for their natural range of benefits, avoid pure essential oils (or at least make sure they’re heavily diluted), as they can potentially irritate the skin. And while you may think it would be healing and moisturizing, petrolatum has the potential to trap the heat in your skin – which would be extremely uncomfortable for anyone with sunburn.

5. Don’t Pick Or Peel

Leave your damaged skin alone. Period. Picking or peeling burned skin or popping blisters can lead to permanent scarring. Yikes!

And Try Not To Do This Again!

Stock up on the proper sun skin care products to avoid needing these tips in the future!

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