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Taking the time to get the best pedicure is one of the most popular “me time” activities. For many, a pedicure is more than just having toenails looking fresh and beautiful with a glamorous nail polisher. It is about relaxing and unwinding in the midst of a stressful and busy schedule.

Aren’t All Nail Salons The Same?

Here’s the problem: nail salons don’t have to be regulated by health agencies, and can turn your relaxation into a stressful health hazard. Here’s what you need to know when choosing a place for your pedicure needs.

Low prices often equal low safety and health regulations. Many salons don’t have the necessary equipment and procedures to ensure the sterilization of tools, which can become contaminated by fungus and bacteria. These nail salons may perform services, despite infections or foot problems such as fungus and open wounds, without proper sterilization procedures between clients.

Nail Polish is Just Nail Polish, Right?

In some places, where cost is the primary concern, the nail polishes that may be used on your nails, might be diluted with polish remover when they get old. Diluting the polish will compromise its quality, resulting in chipped and damaged nails.

High Standards Mean High Quality

Many tools can’t be adequately sanitized and sterilized. That is why disposable tools for every client should be a must. Better salons will schedule nail services focusing on taking the time to provide a quality pedicure and with time between clients to ensure superior cleaning and sanitizing standards.

Look for all-natural deep moisturizing products in a multi-step method to ensure nail plate and cuticle health. Use of foot/hand balms, hand serum, cuticle cocktail oil, and other high-quality products will deliver beautifully, but most importantly, healthy nails.

After a full assessment of your feet and nails, a trained nail technician should perform a dry procedure that combines podiatry with nail care. Unlike most nail salons, Medical and Advanced nail technicians are well qualified to examine the feet and toenails using advanced equipment and tools, under the strictest hygienic protocols.

European Manicures / Pedicures are a safe and healthy process to strengthen and repair nails. This method is excellent for those with problem nails or anyone who wants a long-lasting, beautiful manicure / pedicure.

Always Look For More

They are more than just an indulgent treat — they are an essential finishing touch for any look and a vital part of self-care. Don’t trust your hands – and especially your feet – to just anyone.

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